Saturday, September 11, 2010

Have you seen our beans?

Have you seen what is growing in LZ6 at the moment?
We have planted 2 different types of beans - broad beans and runner beans.
We want to see which one grows the fastest and the tallest!
Watch this space to see what happens...

Mr Whiskers visits LZ6

Look who visited our classroom this week...MR WHISKERS!!!
He belongs to Piper and decided to come to school for the day.
He joined in lots of activities...reading, writing, mathletics on the computer and even lunch eating! (he even shared his animal biscuits with the class!)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Alligator Alley!! Beware!!!

Look out, there are dangerous alligators lurking in LZ6 at the moment!
After reading our big book this week called "Alligator Alley" we thought it was best to make signs to warn everyone of the danger they are in!
Don't stop, don't stare, don't dilly dally in Alligator Alley!!!


We had great fun blowing bubbles and wrote some amazing stories about it!
We came up with lots of describing words like; gloopy, slippery, shiny, shimmery, sloppy, amazing, beautiful, glimmering, wobbly, floating, popping, squishy and splashy!
Well done LZ6, you are doing some great writing!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

We have made some great artwork that we call 'Rainbowland'. We were inspired by an artist called Fredrich Hundertwasser who painted bright colourful artwork and designed very cool buildings. We designed our own buildings in our own Rainbowland and painted them very carefully with dye. What do you think? We think it would be cool to live there!

Earth studio assembly!

We had a great assembly last week with 3 fantastic children from LZ6 leading the way! Caleb, Dorothy and Brianna were amazing speakers/leaders for the assembly - well done!

We also got to show off our Rainbowland artwork and our certificate winners were Michelle and Riki for the awesome effort they are putting into everything they do!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kelly Tarlton's!

In week 2 we went on a trip to Kelly Tarlton's Underwater World.

We went as part of 'Setting the scene' for our term 2 focus of 'Think Blue - Water'.

We saw lots of cool sea animals like sharks, fish, stingrays, penguins and an octopus!

Fancy feet parade!

Last week we held a 'Fancy Feet parade' to celebrate the official signing of our Travelwise plan. All of us got to dress up our feet in whatever crazy way we could think of. There were jandals and slippers and wheelies and flippers!!! Max the pukeko from Travelwise came to our assembly as well as lots of other important guests! It was lots of fun!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Life Education Caravan!

We have loved visiting the Life Education caravan over the past week! Celia and Harold the giraffe have been talking to us about what it means to be healthy. We need to have a balanced diet, keep ourselves clean, do some exercise, drink lots of water, have good air to breathe, a decent nights sleep and love from our family and friends to have a healthy mind and body!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Excellence awards go to...

Here are the latest two winners of the Mission Heights Excellence award for LZ6!
Well done to Pahul and Jared for amazing effort in all their school work - keep it up guys!

Ratty Tatty Cats!

Sorry it has been a few weeks since our last post - been rather busy all round and our poor blog has been neglected!

But never fear, we are back and look at our awesome art! We read a big book called Ratty Tatty Cat and decided to make our own cats using chalk, crayon and dye. We had to be really careful with the chalk to make our lines big and bold. When we coloured in it was important not to go over the chalk and then the dye went over the top of it all. It was like magic because the chalk all turned black. We think we did a great job!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Our holiday wordle!

Today we were writing poems about our favourite holiday things to do. We all shared one idea each to make a wordle on the internet. It is like a word picture. We think it is a cool and different way to write a story!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hetty Hackett's farm!

This week our big book was called Hetty Hackett's farm. We liked reading it so thought it would be cool to record us reading it for you to hear! We drew illustrations to show what was happening in the story too.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another furry visitor!

Look what I spotted leaving school today!!
I appears the Easter Bunny is visiting MHP!! YAY!

Monday, March 29, 2010

We love Alvin!!

Today we had a visitor at school at lunchtime. It was Alvin the chipmunk! He came with some notices about a holiday programme that we can go to if we want. Some of us got to shake his hand and give him a high 5! Lots of children from LZ6 even got a hug! He was a bit old because he was grey...and he was very furry!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Disco Fever!!!

Last week it was our first disco for the year, with the theme 'Black and White'! Everyone had such a great time strutting their stuff and showing off their moves!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

True colours song!

Last week at assembly we were very lucky to have this wonderful performance of the song 'True Colours' by the senior school children. There was a great photo slideshow on the screen at the same time but it is a bit hard to see that on the video! What fantastic singers they are!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cookie monsters!!

We are cookie monsters!
Last week fundraising for CmPS was cookies for lunch! Yum yum!
Next we would like ice blocks please!!


We love doing sport in the junior school! Each week we have Physical Education with our learning zone and we also have sport all together where we split up into our house groups and rotate around activities. We work on our ball skills, our co-operation skills and work with lots of different and fun equipment!

Growing Excellence school song!

This was the first 'official' singing of our new school song called "Growing Excellence" at our school assembly this week. Did you know it was written and composed by Mrs Kennedy's daughter? We are all just learning it but we sound pretty good already!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Excellence award...

Well done Priya for getting the excellence award for LZ6 at our school assembly this week!
You were chosen to get it because of your fantastic effort in class! You try your very best at everything and are always ready to help other people.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Grumpy Bear (group 2)

And, as promised...Group 2!

Have improved size on Youtube so it fits better (always learning!)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Grumpy Bear (group 1)

We read "Grumpy Bear" as our big book and decided it would be cool to make a movie of it. We each had to play a different character and there were two groups being videoed.

As the file size was rather large we couldn't just upload it but had to post it on Youtube and embed it from there. If the video is slow to play or keeps stopping, double click the window and it will take you to Youtube where it plays much faster.

Popping popcorn...pop! pop! pop!

This morning we made some popcorn in our class. We put kernels in the crazy popcorn machine. When we turned it on it was spinning like a snake. After a while it started exploding and the skin expanded like the Incredible Hulk! Popcorn went flying out like lava in a volcano. It went so high it almost touched the roof! Some bits even hit Hayden in the head (but he said it didn't hurt!) It was a bit like watching fireworks. We got to eat the yummy popcorn and it tasted a bit like chicken. It was crunchy like autumn leaves.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Our beach trip video!

We have finally put all the photos from our beach trip to Omana together with music for you to enjoy! Hope you like it!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bye bye frogs!

Today we went to the pond to release the last 4 frogs. They are too big to stay in LZ6. We sat on the rocks and then we released the frogs into the pond. We took photos of the frogs in their new home. We will miss them a lot because they have been cool to have in our class.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Yummy apple stickers!

Wow! Ronak and Denell are our yummy apple sticker champs so far! They have collected heaps of yummy apple stickers for MHP to help us get lots of sports gear! Way to go guys! They got certificates at our school assembly this week...who will be next in LZ6?

More Travelwise prizes!

Look at all our travelwise prize winners today! We had the final draw at our school assembly and LZ6 had 14 people drawn out! Yay for all the wonderful walkers! We won stickers, rulers, rubbers and some even won a baby tree to plant!

Excellence award...

This week at our school assembly Astha was the winner of our 'Excellence Award'. She was awarded it for excellent independent work habits (that means she is really good at getting her work done all by herself!). Well done Astha!

Noodles for lunch!

Yum! We were lucky enough to have noodles available to buy for lunch on Friday!
We spent ages sucking them up like worms!!

Beach trip stories!

Yesterday I went to the beach on the bus. I saw crabs with lots of fast legs. They zoomed under the rocks.

Yesterday LZ6 went to the beach and we saw some crabs and then the crabs jumped off our hand and then the crabs can bite. We saw some fish and they were zooming in the water.

Yesterday I went to the Omana beach. I saw crabs. They moved sideways under the rock to get away from me.

Yesterday we went to the beach and it is called Omana beach. We saw crabs. They were hiding under the rocks and we got one. They were sticky. I liked going to the beach, I had fun! Yay!! I loved making sandcastles the best. I had a great day.

Yesterday the Junior School went to the beach in a bus. We saw some jumping crabs and some slimy sea snails, soft seaweed and some fast fish. At lunchtime it was raining so the bus came and we went back to MHP. We made sandcastle mountains and we went to the park and we went on the swing and on the flying fox.

In Learning Zone 6 we went to Omana beach. I saw zooming fish and I saw snapping crabs, they were hiding under the rocks. I picked up a gluey piece of seaweed. It felt ticklish and squishy.

Yesterday we went to Omana beach and we found some scuttling crabs and slimy sticky sea snails. I put my hand into the swishing water and saw some zooming fish swimming around the rocks. We made some sandcastles in the sand and we decorated it with collected shells. After all that we went to the park and at the park I swung high on the swings and zoomed down the slide. I had an awesome day!

Yesterday we went to Omana beach. We went on a bus. We saw crabs, they are camouflaged in the mud. They can jump and they were pinching us.

Yesterday we went to the beach named Omana. We saw crabs, they are big, small and scuttling and jumping. The sea snails were slow moving and the fish were fast zooming.

Yesterday we went to the Omana beach. We saw a fish, zooming fish and some crabs were pinching Miss Baker! I picked up a baby crab. It was scuttling in my hand. It jumped out of my hand and back into the water and it was fast.

Yesterday we went to Omana beach. We found lots of crabs and they moved sideways. We went in the bus with my mum and we saw a fish and it's fast and we couldn't catch it. We took lots of photos of animals and we made sandcastles.

Yesterday LZ6 went to Omana beach and I saw a jumping crab. It jumped out of my hand and I saw a jiggly jellyfish in the mud and the jiggly jellyfish was going down in the water. I made a sandcastle and a little sandcastle and let Miss Baker see. We are happy.

Yesterday I went to the beach. I saw crabs, they were scuttling on my hand. The claws were tickly.

Yesterday LZ6 went to Omana beach to explore and to have fun! Me and Denell saw some big, pinching, jumping crabs. "I saw a crab!" said Brianna. When it was raining Leo washed his hair like in the bathroom. I saw sticky, soft sea snails. They were yucky. The sea snails were slow moving in the sand. Yay!

Yesterday LZ6 went to the beach. We saw some camouflaged pinching crabs. We also saw some slithering sea snails. We had lots of fun! My mum also came. After a few hours it started to rain so we got drenched and had to go back home.

Yesterday we went to the beach trip. We saw crabs, they were camouflaged in the mud. They were under the rocks. They were cool. We were all sandy and when we got on the bus we were wet as from the rain.

Yesterday I went to the beach and I picked up the shells and I saw a sea snail. The snails were slow moving and the snails were sticky and the snails were grey. At the beach there is water in the rockpools and I put my feet in the water.

I went to the beach called Omana on Tuesday on the bus. I collected lots of crabs and starfish. The crabs were grey and camouflaged in the water. They were hard to see.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Music fun!

We love going to Music with Mrs Boggs! Each week we go with LZ5 and have lots of fun. We learn songs, actions and all about the different musical instruments. At the moment we are learning the new school song. If you come to assembly you will hear us sing it!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Our Sunflower art!

Look at our amazing art! With our 'Think Yellow - Summer Smart" concept we decided to look at sunflowers for art last week. We looked at real ones and lots of photos on Google and then we spent the morning looking and drawing. They are going to be up in the Earth studio on display for a few weeks so all our mums and dads can see them!

Travelwise prizes!

This week is Travelwise week and we are trying hard to walk to school every day! Each day the children who have walked (or skated or biked etc) instead of coming to school in the car get a leaf to put on the walking tree in reception. They then go in the draw to win prizes...just like the children in this photo from LZ6!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Our Beach trip!

What a great day we had at Omana Beach (even if we did get a bit wet at the end!). We had lots of fun exploring the rock pools, making sandcastles and playing on the playground! Watch soon for our stories about our day!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010 frogs!

Look what has happened to some of our tadpoles!! We have little frogs in LZ6 now!!
We have been watching them grow and change over the past few weeks and when they are all frogs we will take them across the road to the pond for release.
It is fun having tadpoles and frogs in our class...lots of people come and look at them!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fun with our buddy class!

Last week during our buddy class time we decided to go across the road and have fun on the playground. We loved going on the flying fox and swings - thanks for all the help from Lib1!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

LZ6 excellence award goes to...

Well done Ronak, the first LZ6 winner of the Mission Heights Excellence award!
Given for fantastic work effort and positive attitude to learning.

Buddy Reading with Lib1!

At our first session with our buddy class we did buddy reading with all our new library books. Each week when we meet we will try new things together - reading, games, computer skills, visiting the playground, art etc. We think it is a great way for us to have fun while helping each other!